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PSIO Glasses

Discover how this technologic innovation will be effective…
  • to excel and achieve the highest level of performance in all areas
  • to enhance concentration
  • to enhance memorization & data processing
  • to foster quick mental recovery
  • to live up to your full potential
  • to develop your mind
But what exactly is PSIO?
At first glance, the PSIO looks like a pair of glasses equipped with a MP3 reader… But in fact, it is a powerful relaxation tool that uses innovative technology for sensory stimulation by sending lights and sounds at very specific rhythms. These rhythms are known since the dawn of time to influence the state of consciousness… The awakening state, sleep state, or simple relaxation state in Alpha waves are related to brain rhythms, themselves influenced by the broadcast of particular lights and sounds…
It is at this level that the PSIO technology intervenes.
You will find in the PSIO programs that the visual and auditory stimulation frequency varies from 3 to 15 cycles / second, enabling easy access to a state of "letting go", suitable to auto-suggestion…
And it is within this "auto-suggestion" that the PSIO incorporates dozens of personal development programs (memo-stimulation, sleep inducer, concentration, etc.).
This solution is the PSIO, a revolutionary tool which combines 3 techniques
  1. The sound and light rhythms (which lead the mind to the famous "alpha waves of relaxation").
  2. Relaxation therapy and suggestion (which allow body and mind relaxation).
  3. Chromotherapy (the new science that uses colors to relax deeply).
The PSIO and its programs help you to relax and through this process helps the brain to process the information optimally for maximum performance.