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DR DAVID THORPE, PhD - Founder and COO of BC Global Training


Business Management Consultant, Certified Life Coach and BANKCODE™ Sales, Communications & Relationships Certified Trainer, Personality Profiler.


David Consults with Individuals, Small to Large Businesses has over 25 years experience in Consulting at a Senior Level in Technical and Managerial Positions in the Corporate world and has worked in several different countries within many cultures and speaking many languages. David has a PhD in Science and a Masters of Engineering Science.  David currently consults in small through to large companies including Fortune 500 companies. His past positions have been in Senior Managerial and Technical Positions as well as being a Managing Director of a publicly listed Australian company.


Dr David Thorpe is based in Australia and focused on sharing the B.A.N.K.™ message and introducing B.A.N.K.™ into Australia, Asia and the Pacific Rim. There are many simple, cost/time effective ways to implement B.A.N.K.™ into any business, organisation, educational facility or family relationship for immediate and far reaching results. David is available to speak about your business and work within your budget to ensure you too will receive the financial and personal benefits of using B.A.N.K.™.

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Is a BANK Certified L4 Trainer who presents Live Training as well as Consults to implement BANK into your organisation, team or family.  A Certified Assertiveness, Life & Law of Attraction Coach, Infinite Possibilities Trainer, BANKCODE™ BANKER, Sales, Communications & Relationships expert and Personality Profiler.  


Christine works with industry leaders and business builders along with individuals, families, couples, parents, teenagers, sports professionals, entertainers etc. in strengthening their Relationships both personal and professional.  Guiding and assisting them with their focus, accountability, motivation, and assist them with direction to fullfil their life purpose. 


Christine's passion is empowering adults and children to grow and see their true full potential.  In addition, Christine also teach Coaches how to build their Coaching Businesses by implementing best practices and tools.  She works with business leaders, professional athletes and celebreties in maintaining their private lives when the pressure of social media exposure becomes overwhelming.


As a Certified Wealth Beyond Reason Coach for highly regarded 'The Secret' Featured Author, Bob Doyle, Christine works with www.lawofattraction.com Coaching Private WBR Clients. 


As a Trainer for another highly regarded 'The Secret' Featured Author, Mike Dooley.  Christine is certified to Train Mike Dooley's successful 'Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Changing Your Life' program for Adults as well as the 'Infinite Possibilities:  I Believe In Me' program for children/youth.